Hello everybody and welcome to the new digital version of the BRINGER OF GORE/MELTAAARGH!!!! newsletter that after 10 paper versions continues on my new site, a new site that was actually not planned at all but when i started to get some emails from visitors of the webs version that it was 'expired' and when i checked i've got the wonderfull message that webs/vista was stopping their collaboration deal permanently and i had to move on to something new or just stop, hell yeah that was a real bummer! Stop??? NEVER!!!! So we scraped our guts together and started to search for something else... preferably easy to manage and cheap so we stumbled over this one here and yesssss... damn!! totally what i was looking for!!! Hope it was easy for you maniacs to find since on various search machines it's still the webs one popping up but this should be going better after some weeks i was told!? Anyway i'm f*cking happy with how the new  is manageable and while i was updating it with some (old) pictures/info from the old site i had the 'brilliant' idea of doing the newsletter here, not only the newsletter as you know it but also sharing my thougths (nonsense) and perhaps some updates on what is going to happen next on BRINGER OF GORE records / MELTAAARGH!!!! records. Alright, if i remind all correctly appeared the last paper newsletter April '22 and contained all 3 last MELTAAARGH!!!! releases, so i guess we take a new fresh rotten start from there and that would be BOG110...

BOG110 BLUE HOLOCAUST : twitch of the death nerve GATEFOLD LP  released late May 2022 and it became the very first GATEFOLD release i ever did! Another step for my label and a rather big one for a small 1 person hobby label but there was just no other way to go for this masterpiece that it already was when it came out on CD by MURDER THE WORLD in ’04, so no doubt about that but in my (old school) opinion as with many talented artists, cd’s don’t give the artwork the justice it deserves and certainly NOT the creations of mastermind Pierre himself so when i proposed to him my idea of doing this killer debut on a vinyl format we almost instantly agreed to go for a gatefold sleeve! Pierre fixed the art for a gatefold and the tracks also received a vinyl mastering @ the DIRTY BIRD studios in Hogeveen Holland supervised by the one and only Rogore! Aprox. 500 copies where pressed in 3 different colors together with some stickers and a A2 poster included or how a 'crazy' idea (after listening a lot to the cd) like... F*ck... this need a vinyl treatment so let's ask Pierre and hope he's with me!? Yeah... et voila, here it is... A MASSIVE package of GIALLO inspired DRUM MACHINE GOREGRIND MONSTER!! Right after BOG110 we prepared everything for the second and also last FECE VOMITATIE LP release : BOG113 'Ik wou dat ik Peter Faber was' and like it's predecessor 'Opera des oordeels...' it's also pressed on shit brown colored waxxx +  limited to 300 copies. FECE VOMITATIE = Rogier + Marc Palmen doing some really disgusting dutch intro's/outro's sampled GORENOISE in case you didn't know it!! It has the best effect on you when you understand the Dutch language... ultra distorted Bass + Drum machine torturing, flavoured with splatter vox and constantly accompanied by humorous/sarcastic samples!! For many way too exxxtreme i guess but for me just TOTALLY AWESOME and i'm really f*cking happy that i had the privilege to deliver this on glorious waxxx so you all can put your old FxVx tapes and CD-R's safely away before they are killed by time or/and machine and enjoy it on vinyl!! Alright that was all for '22 so for the next release we jump to '23 and that's March '23 to be more exactly. BOG111 VOMI NOIR : 'L'Innommable Remugle & la Mélopée Cavernuleuse des Râles Agoniques' yessss... the follow up to their massive debut from '19 released just a few months before covid entered the world (maybe related to the virus??? who knows? So China could be actually France?) anyway... Pierre and the guys where standing for a huge challenge i think, creating something that would match or maybe even improve 'Les Myasmes De La Deliquescence' or perhaps they didn't look at it like this but just went with the flow. Ofcorpse when you have like 3 years to compose...dissect...hack and slash ideas (without any pressure from outside ;) ) this could be possible... well eh... yessss ofcourse it became another old-school master piece and not only for your ears but also your eye's get some really delicious sick splatters to observe and just like with a real painting just stand back and give your mind the time it needs to understand, preferable simultanious while listening to the traxxxx and get a complete experience that lift you to another gory level of being catapulted back to 1989! Ok, enough bla bla bla from this fan boy, just check it out for yourself and decide if you like it or not. One more thing that i'm curious about is why is the cd version more expensive on discogs then the GATEFOLD LP version??? I probably suck as a businessman!!?? hehehehehehe... yeah that explains it all!!

So the last BRINGER OF GORE rec. release came out March '23 and maybe your thinking what's up next? Well what can i say, there are many releases planned but nothing in yet so that means also that currently i have productions @ the pressing plant so that together with the horrible pressing delays, i really doubt if there will be something new out this year? It's all a little frustrating because the fact is that when your having no releases for a while as a label you fade away from people their minds and things get really quite silent @ all levels but let's not be all negative here becauuuse... yep there is something cooking and various projects are having some nice progression and i have good hope that very soon something will be delivered @ the pressing plant and i promise it will be worth the very loooong wait! Alright, let's go and play some cool tunes now !!! Byeeee Marc

Yessss... finally some great news!! Delivered last week everything to the pressing plant and printer for BOG115  so expect another ultra sick release somewhere november and as usual it wil be a limited & # triple colored vinyl version with stickers / poster enclosed quatity release and all that for a democratic price! What's the band/project i hear you thinking, well i prefer to keep it a little secret but 1 tip or clue i can give you : it's their vinyl debut!!   that's all for now!! cheeers Marc

Alright everyone, here our final 'what's going on in my mind' words for this year! As you probably noticed, my last release BOG115 came out mid Nov. and became 100% how i had it in mind. PURULENT REMAINS bring you gruesome slooow DM infused with gore just alike a rotting process actually is happening! (you can feel the maggots crawling) After receiving their first demo tape via Raul, i was just perplexed about their cadaveric sound and just had the instant click in my head, i need that on vinyl or better we need this on vinyl! The essential email was sended and not shortly after that the SUPER/AWESOME answer from the band came in (It was so great to work again with a fresh motivated band) and only like 3 months later i was  already driving to the pressing plant to pick it up!! According to the HUGE response/interest via mailorder/wholesales/trades i got from the first moment (and still going) that the news was posted online, i was very happy that i was not alone in my thoughts about needing it on vinyl, yeah i can say now that we are with many! Band happy = label happy! So that way i had a really exiting end of '23 ha... with every new releasse you get in contact with new people that discover your little hobby label, yes even after 20 years this is still happening and that's so great + PURE FUN!! So 2023 comes to an end and that's the traditional moment to do a short summary of what happened labelwise and with short, i mean SHORT because i only did 2 in '23 namely  BOG111 & BOG115 so if i compare that with the lists i see on FB from other labels i'm feeling really really little hahahaha... but it's ok for me and i have a few excuses too for that namely : production costs went up INSANELY HIGH!!!! f*cking hell... a vinyl production costs like aprox. 1000€ more then like 2 - 3 years ago and that sucks really hard because i had to adjust my prices too (SORRY to all you overthere) + don't forget the postage prices that go up every year too... aaaand another exxxxxcuse is that i wasn't lucky with my already planned projects that curently are going nowhere it seems!???? I'm really bothered with the fact that there's only communication from my side and that gives a very wrong view about how i am because the very last thing i want to do is pushing or causing stress on projects!! What's more frustrating for a little hobby label then when you have a budget ready but nothing to release... pure waste of time and so was actually most part of the last summer and that resulted in a vinyl bying rage from my part to fill some holes in my collection with essential (sometimes expensive) records and that really helped me getting through a (mailorder) slow summer because it's a fact that without new releases the mailorder/trades/... dies slowly resulting in a clinical dead label. Anyway... let's face the future and with BOG115 still infecting the DM/GORE/MINCE maniacs, we have already new plans that i can't wait to see happening in early '24 !!!  THANX to everybody for their amazing mailorder SUPPORT after each release and hope to see you back in '24 !! Cheeers  Marc

This is the 'news' section so i suppose when i have something to tell i just do! Besides a loooot of cool new stuff in the distro, i'm already working on the nexxxxt release and that my friends wil be BOG112 ! I have all material comming in already so slowly preparing everything to send of to the printer + delivering everything @ the pressing plant in the next week(s)! Yeah i'm very exited for the next one (as always)  so, wow... i'm having bussy weeks/months ahead already, really not used to this tempo of releasing anymore but we'll do our reeking best to manage all filth... BE PREPARED!! Marc

Alright everybody, besides the exiting news of having another killer release on BRINGER OF GORE rec. out soon, i can reveal that i had a secret appointment with the guy from MELTAAARGH!!!! rec. and we talked/discussed about how he is seeing the future of the BOG sublabel and if there is anyway a future now doing records became so bloody exxxpensive... so after frying our brains, the outcome became YESSSS!! Ofcorpse there wil be some changes in concept of the releases and yess inevitable things wil be more expensive so your final customer price wil be going up too BUT we can asure you that you get vallue for your hard earned money! So hope you maniacs are as exited as we are because FACE011 should be out and ready Fall/Winter '24 !! FACE MELTAAARGH!!!!... cheers Marc