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ABATUAR : Mortandad LP (Active since 2013 and the side Project of the sick mind self-called Cadaver, is ready to unleash upon feeble minded bastards a new destructive installment called “Mortandad”, which continues to the legacy of ultra conservative declaration of Death Metal / Grindcore with clear influences of old school bands such as NAPALM DEATH, REPULSION, BLOOD and mixing these with the regimental militancy of Proclamation and Black Witchery!!) 12€

ABERRANT/DER : split LP (awesome blaaaaasting GRINDCORE from Germany and Brazil !!!) 10€

ABORTION : konvert LP (GRINDCORE from Slovakia since 1989 !! Recorded and mixed feb/march 2014 in Vomitor Sound Studio. Pressed 525 copy in AWESOME BLUE vinyl !!) 9€

AFTERBIRTH : Brutal Inception LP (This is the vinyl reissue of both the 1993 rehearsal demo and the 1994 “Psychopathic Embryotomy” studio demo by US death metal band AFTERBIRTH. Remastered in 2022 by Lasse in Ballade Studios and with new artwork by Mark Riddick + comes with insert!)  13€

AGATHOCLES : full on in NIPPON LP (AGATHOCLES live in JAPAN for the first time !!! 36 furious mincing tracks that will make you go crazy !! limited and handnumbered to 544 copies including 109 YELLOW colored copies for mailorder only !!!) 8€

AGATHOCLES/RUST : split LP (FINALLY out on BOG !! The AGx traxxxxx are in fact played with a ‘all star’ line-up including members from ROT / SOCIAL CHAOS an AGATHOCLES = AGAROTHOCLES CHAOS TEAM !! 9 tracks recorded in Oct. 2013 in Brazil !! RUST are from Finland and play some KILLER RAW GRIND highly influenced by AGx and ROT !! I’m VERY proud to release their vinyl DEBUT on BOG !! limited and # to 560 copies including 300 BLACK = 7€ 128 BLACK/RED splattermix = 8€ 132 RED vinyls = 8€)

AGATHOCLES/DE BLENDERS : split LP (yeah… probably the last re-stock of this AWESOME split LP!! Already from 2015 so if your looking for a mint and brand new copy don’t wait too long!! MINCE/NOISECORE madness on it’s best!!) 10€

AGATHOCLES ‎: Baltimore Mince Massacre LP (2016, BALTIMORE, USA……. Years after frequent attempts of AGATHOCLES trying to get into the USA for making a tour, being refused entrance into the land of freedom several times in the 90's and last time in 2015, AGATHOCLES managed to get into the "country of freedom and hope" in summer 2016. Wasting no time and playing a show everyday, AGATHOCLES also got the chance, on a very hot afternoon in July 2016, to make a full studio session of 38 songs with JOE WARKENTIN doing all the vocals and second guitars. Imagine the combination of a heated up (near 40 degrees) small studio in Baltimore, with friends around, no sleep, all adrenaline, the "we wanna make noise now" spirit and the plan of playing a show that same night… The result: a massive driller killer sensation of old AGATHOCLES cognac poured with the finess of ARCHAGATHUS whiskey and the bulldozing bass gin of MORTICIAN. STIR IT WELL AND YOU GET THIS ALBUM !!!) 12€

AGATHOCLES/CAPITAL SCUM : s/s 12” (AGATHOCLES tracks 1-4 noises recorded 2nd July 2016 in Geel, Belgium and Voices recorded in June 2018 in Sluiskil, Holland. Tracks 5-8 recorded in February 2017 In Gent, Belgium. CAPITAL SCUM this are early eighties songs. Recorded now properly for the very first time. Most of the appeared on 80´s compilation tapes.Recorded, mixed and mastered at Halenoise HQ by Owen) 10€

AGATHOCLES : Distrust And Abuse / Agarchy LP (The AGATHOCLES “Distrust and Abuse/Agarchy” 12”LP contains 2 full AGATHOCLES studio 7”EPs, which were both recorded at the NIGHTINGALE STUDIOS in Antwerpen, Belgium. DISTRUST AND ABUSE is one of the most heavy downtuned goregrind sounding recordings of AGATHOCLES ever, containing 6 songs recorded in 1993 with Jan on bass/voice, Steve on guitar/voice and Burt on drums. AGARCHY contains 4 songs recorded in 1991 with Jan on guitar/voice, Erwin on bass/voice and Burt on drums) 11€

AGATHOCLES/DISORDER : Mimic Your Masters/Chaos & Disorder split LP (Bristol Punk Pioneers DISORDER formed around 1980, Disorder is one of the few 'big' names of UK hardcore still going strong today. The LP contains their live recordings from the Sneek Festival Gig in april 2014 raw and very intense. Nine tracks of traditional UK noisepunk. Legendary Show!!!! No more words needed!!!!!!!!!! The other side contains the next big name, AGATHOCLES mince core gods from belgium team up with 8 live mincecore attacks in perfect soundboard quality recorded at the Youthclub in Geel/Belgium march 2014. The LP comes in an inside-outside printed cover. Nice looking packaging!) 11€

AGATHOCLES/H.407 : For What? For Who? Split LP (Limited 300 copy remastered reissue on a transparent-green vinyl, comes with fold-out insert. H.407: all songs recorded in Studio Chinook, Dębica, Poland, May 2005. Agathocles: all songs recorded on the 28th of February 1997 in Tongerlo, Belgium) 11€

AGATHOCLES : Aalst destruction 1989 s/sided 12” (Yeah !!! finally the 3rd 12” from the MELTAAARGH!!!! series is ready and available… and no it’s not a blood soaked or entrails blaaaasting release this time as you all probably expected but… nevertheless its pulverizing…raw and blaaasting and suits perfect in the MELTAAARGH!!!! roster of releases in my opinion. Alright let this 12” take you back to the golden days of GRIND when all was still fresh and exxxtremely exited to discover, so enjoy the blueprints of a never ending MINCECORE future to come!!) 10€

AGATHOCLES : goddamned in Gentbrugge LP (“Goddamned In Gentbrugge" contains 40 raging Agathocles tracks, recorded live in Gentbrugge, Belgium. We asked Jan 'What is the best sounding recording that has not yet been pressed to wax?'. He then sent over these incredible tracks and we had to make this happen! Released by Death By Digital from Canada & Art/Layout was done by Tom Maher! Limited to 400 copies!!) 15€

AGATHOCLES/ ERISTETYT/ KUOLEMA : Helvetti tampereella 3 way split LP (November 2018 the three bands on the road together in Finland, a total of 39 songs were recorded at the gig in tampere, ingenious soundboard quality, which still doesn't have to do without the roughness and atmosphere. Pure live enjoyment. The enclosed booklet allows you to experience the musical inferno even more intensely) 12€

AGATHOCLES : The LP's 1989 – 1991 LP (Re-release on vinyl of their 2 first LPs, the split with Lunatic Invasion and "Suppose it was you"... Essential pieces of grind noise!!! This LP contains all their early hits (their early hits are all-time hits!) with this special "rehearsal" sounding really not "clean" at all and great! The good old times of real grindcore! The second part has alot of live tracks, and contrary to "Razor sharp dagger" & "Black clouds determinate" live bonus tracks, this live material is not boring, without a big cheezy sound, just what grind needz: detuned guitars, blasting drums and simply grunt-roared or screamed vocals: what do you want more? Judge by the track listing, there are only great tracks! "Fog", "The accident" or "Big one": cult! cult! cult! The vinyl re- issue comes with lyrics and liner notes) 10€

AGATHOCLES : Thanks For Your Hostility DLP (Well, this is although a 40 tracks LP of really intense musical aggression! It will probably please to those more into hardcore & crust, but it has a big portion of great grind! So recquires the listening of grind freaks too. Obviously a must-have for Agathocles completists. The bonus material (11 tracks) was recorded in the National Radio Station in april 96 and was broadcasted a few month later!) 20€

***AGATHOCLES  : The conquest of Patagocles LP (An absolute gem in the Agathocles discography. Total madness, gore sound, classic mince 'hits' … You will be very surprised! Basics recorded in Patagonia, Chile. On second guitars and extra bass Joe and lead vocals Dan „the Prince of Mince” Ryckman  both from Archagathus!!)  13€

AGATHOCLES/BAKOUNINE : split LP (A split between the Bretons of BAKOUNIN and the Belgian MINCECORE legends AGATHOCLES has just arrived ! 9 tracks of hardcore punk Dbeat for BAKOUNIN and 7 tracks by AGATHOCLES. Lot’s of fun on both sides! Limited to only 300 copies!!)  12€

ANATOMIA/RUIN : split LP (DEATH METAL split from Japan & USA !! limited to 500 copies on BLACK vinyl!!) 12€

***ANORECTAL ULCERATION : Morbid fascination when viewing a human disaster LP (BOG proudly present to you from Bangalore, India for the very first time on VINYL their debut full length + the “From Flesh To Liquid Mess” 2015 demo included as bonus! For those that not know, expect nothing else then a “GOREGRIND BOMBARDMENT” !! As usual available in 3 different colors including POSTER/STICKERS included with the colored variants! BLACK vinyl = 10€ and both WHITE & ORANGE versions = 12€  PACKAGE DEALS for all 3 versions go for 28€ + postage!)

ANTIGAMA : stop the chaos LP (brandnew release on SMG records !! 6 tracks of foreward thinking grindcore !! available in RED or WHITE wax !!) 10€

ANTIGAMA : Whiteout LP ("Whiteout" is ANTIGAMA's eighth full release comprising primal energy with modern framework and advanced sophistication. The 11 pieces are fast, direct and uncompromising, with the atmosphere of the human decline and aggravation. "Whiteout" was recorded and mixed at JNS by Pawel Grabowski (Riverside, Lost Soul, Dormant Ordeal), mastered by James Plotkin at Plotkinworks (Gridlink, Full Of Hell, Godflesh, Isis, Jesu, Khanate), and is completed with cover artwork by Wojciech Szymanski (Kobong, Neuma, Nyia). The record’s closing track “2222” features a searing guest saxophone performance from Marcin Kajper!) 12€

ATOMÇK : every room in Britain LP (ATOMÇK are a trio from the UK's wet and wild south-west. They have been plugging away for over a decade, evolving their primitive noise roots into a uniquely eccentric and offbeat brand of GRINDCORE for thee end-tymes. "Every Room In Britain" is a 17-minute head crusher of cacophonous chaos, all furiously catchy riffs and inhumanly shrill, stuck-ape vocals with pinpoint drums that border on the chaotic) 8€

***AUTOPHAGY : Demo 2018  12″ (Death Metal band from Portland, OR, USA, formed in 2018 with here for the first time on vinyl their absolutely awesome demo from 2018. Single sided 12″, “B’  side with beautiful silkscreen, by Rafał Kruszyk !!)  12€

BAIN DE SANG ‎: Sacrificed For A Load Of Filth And Lies s/s 12” (French GRIND/HARDCORE/POWERVIOLENCE massacre from Paris with harsh vocals feat. ex-members of BLOCKHEADS, JUDOBOY and DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION! all tracks are on one-side with silver handmade silkscreen printing cover front and back on black hard paper sleeve + silver handmade silkscreen printing on B side! 400 copies made on BLACK vinyl!) 8€

BESTIAL VOMIT : Japanese tourist project LP (the 12" is finally out! 28 noisy-crushing songs recorded live in Japan, during our crazy "Kamikaze tour pt.II" + 2 unreleased studio tracks!!) 9€

BIRDFLESH/ORGAN DEALER : split LP (back in stock!! 19 tracks of raging GRINDCORE!! Sweden vs New Jersey in a battle for ultimate GRINDCORE supremacy!!)  15€

BIRDFLESH : Sickness in the North  LP (Scandinavian torch-bearers of grim and frostbitten GRINDCORE are back with 23 new tracks of uncompromised and unpredictably frozen extravaganza! Are you ready for such a blizzard?)  14€

BLACK SUN : paralyzer LP (First ever release on vinyl from the UK's most pummeling and heavy band, Black Sun. The first track "Prison Of The Cross" takes up the entire A-side, starting off as a SWANS-esque lesson in harsh rhythmical battery, before a beautiful lull featuring Glasgow drone wizard Noma on keys, after which we go into a sort of post-Neurosis chorus which shows Black Sun at their most melodic, before reverting to a raging finale which has a vaguely mid-90s metalcore sound. Amazing! The second side is compositionally more similar to previous album "Hour Of The Wolf"; "Hammer The Nails" has a very sub-industrial feel to it - cold and muscular - with the remix stripping the track to its bare bones and highlighting its pounding, rhythmic monotony. The whole side is very stylistically similar to GODFLESH's "Slavestate" in both sound and execution. LIMITED to 500 copies !!) 8€

***BLASTED PANCREAS : Carcinoma LP (With a decade since its initial release, 'Carcinoma' will have a proper reissue on vinyl!! FORENSIC/PATHOLOGICAL inspired GOREGRIND album. Expect a TOTAL LYMPHATIC PHLEGM worship!! F*cking AWESOME release on RED colored vinyl!!!)  15€

BLUE HOLOCAUST : twitch of the death nerve LP (Enter… if you dare the bizarre world of the psychosexual mind… raw drum machine giallo goregrind classic from 2004 now out on gatefold LP! For the first time all this beautiful art from Pierre get’s the size treatment it completely deserves + the audio got a vinyl mix too but don't worry, it's still filthy...raw and BLOODY as before! Limited + # to 500 copies! BLACK colored vinyl = 10€ / YELOW and BLUE = 12€ each!)

BOLESNO GRINJE ‎: The Last Grinjober LP (Their last album ever, recorded in 2018. After 20 years of non stop grinding, they called it quits. And what better way to end it with this record! limited to 300 copies!!) 10€

CARCINOID : Encomium to Extinction MLP (Those of you who lurk in the most fetid, deep crypts of the Death Metal underground may be aware of a rancid entity known as CARCINOID, from Australia. Well, following a demo, an album and two splits, they return with a new recording of grave-splitting grooves and cacophonous putrescence merge into a convulsing carcass of Death Metal excellence, gripping you from the off with the sheer brutality of their new material. CARCINOID do not hide behind any gimmicks or pretence, instead dropping us head first into the sepulchral stench of their heaviest music to date. Absolutely monstrous bass guitars and revolting riffs spew atop seamlessly savage drumming with unsavoury and indigestible vocals offering just as much revulsion to the mix. Those who are new to this band will be met with a treat of bludgeoning ferocity as their introduction. While existing fans can hear how much they developed their disdainful soundscapes in the last three years to unbearably heavy new territories!!)  15€

***CHIENS : x1.8.7. Myselfx  GFLP (Since their Demo in 2009, the determination to spit powerful and uncompromising GRINDCORE in your face remains unchanged ! This 2023 version will slap you in the face!!)  12€

COME BACK FROM THE DEAD : caro data vermibus 10” (Death metal from Galicia, Spain, formed in 2008 !! for ENTOMBED fans !!) 8€


CREEPING CORRUPT/HELLISHEAVEN : split LP (brutal death metal disaster worship for SUFFOCATION & ABORTION style made by punx from WOJTYLA ; EVIL ;... vs RAGING CRUST METAL alike DISCHARGE ; BOLT THROWER ; STORMCROW done by dudes from SUFFERING MIND and H.407 !!) 10€

CRIPPLE BASTARDS : Variante Alla Morte LP (Their fourth album recorded in Sweden contains 24 new fast and grindcore tracks, awesome qualitiy great riffing! Comes in gatefold cover with inner sleeve with lyrics + limited to 300 copies!) 10€

***C.S.S.O. : collection DLP (CLOTTED SYMMETRIC SEXUAL ORGAN or C.S.S.O. was founded in 1993 and made an immediate impression with the grind/noise experiment, which works like a razor blade Q-tip. Like their contemporaries, the band has released a wheelbarrow full of splits and singles that are now being re-released on this double. Classics like the split 7" EP with Meat Shits, the tracks from the - "Grindwork" MCD, the split 7" EP with VIVISECTION, the split 7" EP with DEMISOR, the split 7" EP with MASTIC SCUM, the split 7" EP featuring DEAD INFECTION, plus compilation tracks and unreleased material from the period, as well as four brilliant covers CARCASS, GENERAL SURGERY, REGURGITATE and NAPALM DEATH. What will really break your head is the fusion character of this kaiju mutation. The band combines styles like few on the scene and adds psychedelic distorted moments to a few tracks while the vocals pound like a Godzilla overdose, a really scary trip man! The whole thing then comes with an 8 page full color booklet, with pictures and other information) 23€

DEATH ON/OFF / MANNAIA : split 12” (Debut Release by MANNAIA which features members from several metal / hardcore / punk Italian past acts . Here we have a solid and TRUE old school death metal , swedish mark, filled with crust moments and hardcore feeling. If this is the debut, we could only wait for more! DEATH ON/OFF comes to their second 12" and as most of us thinking they're the best grindcore act in Italy now, or one of the best. Great combination of screaming female vocals and growlings, hardcore guitar riffs, straight drum blastbeats!) 9€

DEATHSWARM : Shadowlands Of Darkness LP (“Shadowlands Of Darkness” is killer DEATH METAL inspired and captured with the magical putrid essence of the old era of bands like REPULSION, DEATH, MASTER and BOLT THROWER!!) 10€

DECHE-CHARGE : disgrace to the corpse of Seth LP (aaaarrrggghhh… finally after +20 years their 12” debut is out !! 1001 tracks of insanity available on 3 colors of vinyl !! limited to 115 PINK copies/115 WHITE copies and 330 BLACK vinyls !! comes with glossy insert and shrinkwrapped !! COLORED vinyl = 8€ and BLACK vinyl = 7€)

DECHE-CHARGE/DEFLOWERED CUNT : split LP (Yeah… a little over 4 years after ‘Disgrace…’ and here is the next 12” from the Canadian noise clowns!! This time it became a split LP with UK/USA based DEFLOWERED CUNT!! Exxxxpect TOTAL NOISECORE BLURRRR CHAOS from both!!) 8€

DEPOPULATION DEPARTMENT : Starvation 10" (Spanish crust/punk band formed in the summer of 2018, by Ana (Haemorrhage), Jose (ex-Haemorrhage/Ultimo Gobierno) and Luisma (Haemorrhage). Some months later Lucky (ex-Avulsed) joined on bass and gave the name to the band! Comes in RED CLEAR colored vinyl) 10€

DEPRESSION : Unglaube LP (Already released 10 years ago as part of a split CD with PAGANIZER the DEPRESSION part comes now out on vinyl. "Unbelief" reminds of old material from PUNGENT STENCH, DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, CARCASS or ULCEROUS PHLEGM. Groovy, weird Death Grind of the very best. Originally DEPRESSION remains fat grooving and convince through their three-voice vocals between abyssal growls and MACABRE-like screams. The production leaves nothing to be desired. The 13 tracks (including a Benediction cover version) let all Grind and especially Death Metal freaks come to ecstasy!!) 11€

DESCENT TO HELL : our cross to bear LP (hardcore/punk from Holland !!!) 6€

DESERVE TO DIE : s/t LP (raw and brutal Japanese GRINDCORE from Okayama City active sinds 2014 and now finally they have a full length out!! 16 blaaasting traxxx of distortion combined with artwork very VERY similar to SCUM from ND makes it just TOTALLY PERFECT!!! TOP release from ’23 with a ’85 sound a look!! MUST HAVE!!) 12€

DETERRENCE/YATTAI : S/S split 12” (DETERRENCE from Lublin, Poland with SUFFERING MIND member on guitar deliver here 9 new songs - pure fucking GRIND CORE for fans of ASSUCK, great songs with awesome sound - total D.I.Y. recording! YATTAI are one of the fastest bands in France, more than 10 years on scene, after many releases & splits (w/ TREPAN DEAD, JACK, ROTTING REX) with new songs YATTAI will rip your head off, no mercy - for fans of DISCORDANCE AXIS or BLOCKHEADS!! Limited edition to 500 copies all various colored vinyl!) 8€

DISBEATLESS/MARCH OF THE HORDES : split LP (presented to me as sounding like stenchcrust I didn’t exactly know what to expect but it surely sounds like a massive bulldozer blaaaaasting through your house !! GREAT!!) 8€

***DISEMBODIMENT : Mutated Chaos 10" (DISEMBODIMENT is a four-piece death metal band from the sewer ruins of Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada, featuring all four members of Oath div. 666. The band was formed in 2020 after it was decided to start a new band because the new lyrical themes (death, oblivion, horror, nightmares and dark fantasy) would not fit the former band. The band also distanced themselves away from the Boss HM2 sound which was at the core of their former band, they opted to go for filthier and heavier sonic tormentation. For fans of INCANTATION, ROTTREVORE, GROTESQUE INFECTION !!)  12€

DISTURBANCE PROJECT/RAS : minimaesperanza en un mundo ciego 10” (After stopping DENAK, the guitar and drummer started DISTURBANCE PROJECT, full of OLD-SCHOOL grindcore !! On the other side after a lot years playing, touring around Spain and Europe, RAS recorded these tracks full of grindcore!!) 8€

DISUSE ‎: Gil Hel Lang s/sided 12” (180gr of pure KRYPTONITE 45 rpm 12" LP with 16 traxxx of pure madness + an etched B side ! Written/recorded/mixed/mastered in Ommen, Leiden, Oegstgeest, Hoogeveen between February - September 2020 @ DB studio's Hoogeveen!! GRIND!!!!!) 10€

***DORMANT ORDEAL : The Grand Scheme Of Things LP (The Grand Scheme Of Things, DORMANT ORDEAL’s third album, deploys eight tracks of technical, dissonant, and intense death metal played with great skill and precision. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered with producer Paweł “Janos” Grabowski at JNS Studio (ANTIGAMA, HATE, RIVERSIDE, LOST SOUL), and completed with cover artwork design by Piotr Czerwiński and photography by Przemysław Piegza. The end result is a must-have release for fans of MORBID ANGEL, HATE ETERNAL, DECAPITATED, ULCERATE, HOUR OF PENANCE, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, AND INGURGITATING OBLIVION)  12€

EMBALMING THEATRE ‎: Unamused rancid flesh LP (KILLER sick GRINDCORE from Switzerland! 15 tracks here including a MORTICIAN and DRILLER KILLER cover! 400 made on rancid flesh marble vinyl!!) 10€

EMBITTERED : Infected - The Complete Discography 1989 – 1995 DLP (Almost 30 years after their first demo and several split releases, here is the ultimate Embittered discography, the double LP contains the "And you ask why? Demo, the "2 nd Demo", the material from their Split LP with DYSTOPIA and Their Split 7" with HIATUS plus their own "Choke" EP. It had slow metal parts, fast as fuck grinding moments, typical crustcore with dual vocals, some vintage hardcore, some distinctively anarcho references... It makes one think of early Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Electro Hippies, Disrupt, Anti-System, Disorder, Deviated Instinct but at the same time, it never feels like a copy of these bands, the band had coined their own style "anarcho grind" and I can't really think of a more appropriate description: anarchopunk meets old-school grindcore. The LP comes with an extensive booklet with liner notes, previously unpublished pictures and posters) 22€

ENSA : アラガウ LP (devastating neo-crust/emo-violence/grind from Japan reminiscent of Bremen hardcore/German emo-violence and Spanish/Japanese extreme crust/grind. This release houses ‘‘ on the a-side with a bunch of demos, live jams, and an unreleased track on the b-side. 250 on black vinyl. Includes inner sleeve with lyrics in both English and Japanese) 10€

ENTETY : Cadaveric necrogrind” LP (the vinyl reissue of the demo compilation by US GRINDING DEATH metal band ENTETY!! Remastered for this release in ML Studios in 2022 and comes with insert with flyers and photos!! BLAAAAST !!!)  13€

ESTENOSIS : Confesiones de un ladrón de tumbas LP (From the depths of the cadaverous grave, this LP is exhumed to compile the demos "Ritual Mortuorio" and "Pudrición Funeraria" into a putrescense of lapidary black noise. 20 tracks full of filth and repudiation of the sacred, the funeral sound for the world of shit in which you will die! Edition of 300 copies in glorious black vinyl!)  12€

***EVISORAX : Goodbye To The Feast... Welcome To The Famine LP (British GRINDCORE band.Greatly noted for their highly aggressive and confrontational chaotic live shows, as well as searing and relentless walls of blistering GRINDCORE albums!)  12€

EXACERBACION : Ser Humano Atroz 10" (For 12 years, EXACERBACION has been consistently pumping out some of the most heartfelt and resonating GRINDCORE that this world has known. Their style is somewhat straightforward, blastbeats, brutal chunky riffs, brutal vocals, raw production! This is not grind for technical nerds, this is grind for the soul. This 10" compiles the best tracks from 12 years of obscure tapes, splits, and lathes that may not have been on your radar. Get ready to put your head through a fuckin wall as you dive deep into Cen. America's greatest grind export!! Limited to 250 copies! 11€

EXPULSION : Certain corpses never decay 1989-90" DOUBLE LP (Early Swedish Death Metal malignity at its finest! Expulsion started in November 1988 with Calle Fransson on drums, Anders Holmberg on bass and Stefan Lagergren on guitars. Actually the band was formed out of the ashes of a band called River's Edge, that consisted of the three Expulsion members, Magnus Kranz on guitar and Johan Edlund (TIAMAT) on vocals. After the "Mind the Edge" demo the band felt apart. In April 1989, Expulsion released their first demo called "Cerebral Cessation". November that year they recorded their second demo "Veiled in the mists of mystery". The previously unreleased track "Certain corpses never decay" was released on the underground compilation tape "Hymns of the Dead vol.2". In 1990 Expulsion entered Sunlight Studios (Entombed Dismember, Tiamat etc.), to record two tracks produced by Tomas Skogsberg. After these recordings Expulsion broke up (and reformed with two new members 2 years later). Expulsion guitar player Stefan and bassist Anders both also played in Treblinka / Tiamat. They recorded and played (and Stefan Lagergren wrote) all the Treblinka demos/EP and the TIAMAT debut album "Sumerian Cry" (1990). This collection includes all the above mentioned demos, the rare comp. track and the Sunlight Studio session. All these recordings are being released for the first time on vinyl, completely restored and remastered. Coverart by Eric Danielsson (WATAIN). Gatefold jacket with photos, scans of the original tapes, an exclusive interview + large poster! A must have for the diehard maniacs of pioneering Swedish Death Metal, highly recommended if you also like Treblinka/early Tiamat, Morbid, Nihilist and Grotesque. Solid black vinyl limited to 350 copies!!) 25€

EYEHATEGOD/PSYCHO : split 9" (New Orleans' Sludgecore lords EHG team up with Boston's sickest grinding Hardcore veterans Psycho on an incendiary 9" slab of vinyl!! Yes, 9 inches of uncontrollable, sheer insanity and negativity from two bands that have never failed delivering anguished, blood-dripping sonic violence over the last 3 decades.. Both sides have been recorded live in Europe during their summer tours June-July 2011, and the audio quality of these soundboard recordings is simply astonishing, clean, powerful and heavy as a steamroller crushing your eardrums!) 10€

FAGX/FRACTURED : split LP (FAGX is AGATHOCLES/FAHRENHEIT AG plays STRAIGHT AHEAD, NEOS, NYC MAYHEM stuff .20 trax political oldschool Thrash/Hardcore not unlike LACK OF INTEREST. FRACTURED has members of TO THE POINT, INFEST, ACTUARY, CAVE STATE, LACK SOF INTEREST, and FALSE NEGATIVE! So you know the deal stop and go Powerviolence to the Max!) 12€

***FALSE : The Kids Still Have Nothing to Say LP (Power Violence / Hardcore  band from France ! out on BONES BRIGADE rec.!)   12€

FECE VOMITATIE : opera des oordeels… LP (Finally godverdomme!!! After so many years of cd-r’s/demo tape releases and 1 set on a pro cd this CULT GORENOISE project has been immortalized on glorious SHITBROWN colored vinyl!! Side A contains the ‘Opera des oordeels…’ set and on the flip side you can enjoy another 66 tracks of pure madness!! Limited & # to 300 copies including a glossy double sided inlay + a2 poster and to make it more fancy a hype-sticker on the plastic outer sleeve!) 10€

FECE VOMITATIE : Ik wou dat ik Peter Faber was LP (Alright... BOG proudly presents the second and final LP release from this legendary Dutch GORENOISE duo !! Expect 2 sides full with their well known classic sample blaaasting GORENOISE !! Limited to 300 copies on SHITBROWN colored vinyl including a A2 poster / sticker and a double sided glossy inlay with many cool pictures of the past so we won't forget the GORECULT!!!)  10€

***FESTERDECAY : Reality Rotten To The Core  LP (After releasing demos, splits and singles, the Japanese gore-revivalists known as FESTERDECAY finally arrived at the deadly appointment with their debut album! The weirdos will serve you delicious, rotting and gory GRINDCORE plates from the menu of "Reality Rotten To The Core". Tasty! For fans of early CARCASS, DEAD INFECTION, SICK SINUS SYNDROME, PHARMACIST !!)  14€

FINAL EXIT : young guy of noize PIC DISC LP (Japan's NOISECORE legends return with 11 new studio tracks on a beautiful picture disc LP. This record is a concept / tribute record to the "young guy" movie series)  15€

***FOETAL JUICE : Gluttony  LP (UK’s lords of extremity, FOETAL JUICE will be unleashing their sophomore album, 'Gluttony'. Following up on their devastating 2016 album, Masters Of Absurdity, 'Gluttony' presents twelve new tracks of a blended Death, Grind, and Black Metal mix, while keeping true to the signature 'Foetal Groove'. Featuring album art by Roberto Toderico (Vomitory, Asphyx, Sinister), Gluttony was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Fielding at Foel Studio (Conan, Napalm Death, Winterfylleth, etc.). Prepare to feast!)  15€

FREAKNATION : 7x3 10” (back in stock!! Hyper POWERVIOLENCE madness from Spain!!!) 8€

***FROM THE CRYPT : Demo 2022 LP (With members of INHUME / SKULLHOG / CLITEATER and more… From The Crypt was born ! A demo repressed on Vinyl limited to 300 copies. Expect nothing more than viscous, Old School, festering death metal !)  12€

FRONT TERROR/HIDEOUS CHAOS : split LP (Both play extreme GRINDCORE - demos 89/90. FRONT TERROR is pre-DEAD INFECTION !! comes in multi colored vinyl limited to 500 copies!) 10€

GENITAL MASTICATOR : From originality to vulgarity LP (Official reissue of the cult demotape "From originality to vulgarity" self-released by the band's own label Cadaverizer Records 30 years ago... now for the first time on vinyl. 444 SONGS, extremely radical Noisecore ferocity from the Canary Islands. One of the sperheads of the deranged Spanish Noise/Grind scene in the '90s that spawned sonic aberrations such as VIOLENT HEADACHE, PSYCHOTIC NOISE, EXCRETED ALIVE, POTABILIZADORA, PESTUFATOR, L.D.K. and countless more. Sourced from the band's master to preserve all its unrelented brutality and sickness. Complete anti-musical catastrophe in its most deadly incarnation, if you're looking for riffs, technicality and arrangements.. FUCK OFF!! Includes insert with photos of the time, scans of the original tape and liner notes. Black vinyl limited to 200 copies!)  15€

GEROGERIGEGEGE/NOISE NIHILIST ‎: split LP (Three well known anthems from the past "Change Matter'' and ''Water Business'' Recorded together at Rehearsal in May 1988 and Sexual Behavior In The Human Mule from April 1988. Remastered with great sound quality! Juntaro described them as their best version even! These recordings are tribute to Mike Millard! NOISE NIHILIST crushes again with his drum & bass noise core tribute to good old times, together 164 songs of pure sound nihilism!) 13€

GORGOSAUR : Lurking Among Corpses LP (10 crushing Old Skull Death Metal Hymns recorded at Sunlight Studios.Incl. the Demo " Gashes And Demise " as Bonus !!! Get down for a deadly nostalgic trip produced by Thomas Skogsberg!) 12€

GREEN TERROR : green terror LP (AWESOME and furious crushing DEATHGRIND from the States !! limited to 300 copies in GREEN vinyl!!) 10€

GRONIBARD : We Are French Fukk You LP (back in stock!! beautiful gatefold release from these french gore grind bastards, 17 tracks of brutal/sick stuff! 180 gr. Vinyl for you to blast!!) 11€

GROTESQUE INFECTION : Consumption Of Human Feces  LP (the reissue of the second demo from 1992 by US death metal band GROTESQUE INFECTION remastered in 2020 by Lasse in Ballade Studios. This is the second pressing on swamp green vinyl!)  13€

GRUESOME STUFF RELISH/OFFAL : Unburied Repugnance  split LP (Finally available on vinyl!! Spain's OG goregrind / death cannibals go toe to toe with Brazil's death metal horror freaks OFFAL!!)  15€

HAEMOPHAGUS : Stream Of Shadows LP (The ceaseless activity of this Italian band forged their inevitable strength: Merging the legacy of the old gods that started this rumbling noise back in the eighties and nineties in a filthy pot and flavouring this with conterminal ideas of tumours that grew close to our gory favourites. You’ll get enthralling work on the string section fortified by pounding drums as fundament for horrific voices from the other side. Perpetuated on the waxy mass of all our desires, ennobled by a lyric insert, poster and free digital download this release is an addictive transgression!) 12€

HAEMORRHAGE : Goregrind Is Not A Crime LP (“Gore grind is not a crime” is a remake from their banned 5th album, recorded in 2006! This version is new remastered and comes with different track titles and complete changed artwork. Heavy, brutal, short, full of brutal and straightforward death metal) 11€

HAEMORRHAGE : Live Carnage - Feasting On Maryland LP (Spanish masters of gore HAEMORRHAGE with their first ever live LP, recorded at Maryland Deathfest X! "Live Carnage: Feasting On Maryland" was recorded on May 26th 2012 and captures the energetic performance as if you were there live, with audio taken directly from the soundboard, then professionally mastered at the House Of Grind. To preserve the intensity and sheer brutality of their performance, there are no edits or effects of any kind, just HAEMORRHAGE in their rawest, most organic form! The set list consists of killer cuts from their crushing Relapse Records debut "Hospital Carnage" as well as classic(k) tracks from their back catalog!) 11€

HAEMORRHAGE : The Amputation Sessions 10” (The complete version of the legendary Demo recorded in 2010 as advance to ''Hospital Carnage'' remastered and remixed! 7 traxxx recorded March 21th and 22th, 2010 at The House of Grind. Re-mixed and re-mastered by May 2022)  13€

HEADROT : “1991-1992 Demo + EP compilation” 2LP + EP (This is a compilation all of early material by Rhode Island Death Metal band HEADROT, presented in two LP’s – one for the “I Gulp Your Guts” 1991 demo and one for the “The Agonizing Sufferance of Dismemberment” 1992 demo – and an additional EP with the 1992 “Among the Remains” EP! Comes in heavy stock cardboard LP jacket including insert for the demos with cover scans and flyers for and photos and the EP presented additionally on it’s own with replicated art and layout from the original Dissonant Records release, with corrected recording info and band photo. All music has been ripped from the original sources and remastered by Lasse in Ballade Studios)  24€

HEINOUS/SxOxTxE : Apprehended Dead/Information Era Paranoia split LP (Repress from the original 10” version with some new art! Heinous recorded mixed and mastered at Sound Signal Audio. SxOxTxE recorded in March 2019! Limited to 300 copies!) 11€

HERMANOS PELÁEZ : Fo LP (ambient cosmic stuff, sci-fi Noise inspired by Tangerine Dream, Jonh´s Cerpenter´s OST´s and the likes) 10€

HØRDÜR ‎: Hubris LP (20 grind songs for 23 minutes, melted with a lot of extreme metal/punk influences ranging from death to black with fastcore and sludge influences!) 10€

HUMAN CULL : revenant LP (On 'Revenant' HUMAN CULL push their already frantic crust-tinged blast-heavy grind of the last release into overdrive, featuring a huge production from Will Blackmon (Gadget, The Arson Project) and furious instrumental performances running in the style of 'FETO' era Napalm Death or 'Human 2.0' Nasum) 9€

HUMARROGANCE/HELLISHEAVEN/CZAS ZLAMAC/BATTERED : 4 way split 12” (4 polish hc/sludge/crust bands on one LP !!!) 8€

HUMUS : s/t LP (14 tracks of insane punk/grind from Italy !! very aggressive shit including a HERESY cover !!!) 8€

INFANTICIDE : Misconception of hope LP (Swedish Old School grind in the veins of Napalm Death and Terrorizer!!) 10€

INFESTER : dissection ward examinations s/s 12” (With surgical precision MELTAAARGH!!!! records proudly presents this cold and stiff vinyl debut from INFESTER !! Let’s all bow for Mr. Maggard and his insane crushing GORE hymns!! Lim. To 200 copies total including 100 BLACK and 100 CLEAR RED editions all including a GLOSSY A2 poster!) 10€

INGROWING : Aetherpartus / Heads or Tails LP (Two last MCD on LP version!!!! 100% grindcore massacre!!! GATEFOLD SLEEVE !!) 10€

ISACAARUM : whorecraft LP (Czech SICK GRINDCORE !! released in 2013 !! only suitable for the most disturbed minds… grrrrr…) 8€

JAKUBYSKO/PASKUDA : split LP (JAKUBYSKO is furious metal grind crust like as MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS and this is their first vinyl record. PASKUDA have one split 7" with DEPRESY MOUSE and are on a 6 way split 7” with some fastcore stuff. Here their first split 12” in Brown vinyl and with nice lyrics insert from both bands !!) 8€

KADAVERFICKER : Exploitation Nekronation LP (The iconic first album of Germany’s most hated band! 28 tracks of pure fuckin’ NECROCORE! Lim. To 200 copies in BLACK vinyl!) 12€

LOADED FOR BEAR/BIZZARE X : split LP (BIZARRE X with fourteen new tracks of uncompromising drum'n'bass/grind madness with a typical Spazzation sound. If you dont believe me lets try to buy a copy of this LP and insert the vinyl under the gramophones stylus. That will be a surprise yeah. They are a legendary power-violence band anyway. I can recommended their educated lyrics. 80..s hardcore - 80..s thrash metal - 80..s crossover - 80..s death metal - 80..s grindcore - early 90..s grindcore - 90..s powerviolence - 90..s fastcore. The partner of germanese veterans on this orange twelveinch is american grind-core band, i think that unknown band for many European fastcore/grindcore motherfuckers. The band is called LOADED FOR BEAR from Chicago. Their sound is a monster crash of death metal, hardcore and grindcore – fast heavy spastic loud caustic, whats more? Somethi ng like a Brutal Truth, Lack of Interest, DropDead, Rotten Sound and many more awesome grind-core/fastcore bands. The lyrics are attacking homophobia, sexism, racism, classism and the myths. Fucking killers stuff with interesting intro tracks) 9€

***LOATHSOME : loathsomeness is bliss LP (LOATHSOME is a belgian power trio playing raging, low tuned grind who have been making a strong impression with their devastating live performances. They share Isaac from VERPEST and a whole bunch of other bands on drums, one of the most active people in the belgian DIY-scene. "loathsomeness is bliss" is their debut album)  12€


***MELTING ROT : Blood Delusions 12″ (Chicago, IL Death Grind, debut album! Grind blasts, perfect riffs, bloody stories, … gore! … a bit like a mix of DEAD INFECTION and DISRUPT! Front cover artwork by Putrid! white vinyl / Screen printing side “B” and limited to 300 copies!!)  12€

METRALLETA : s/t LP (new record of this great band, 15 new tracks full of power, angry and extreme HARDCORE with also fast grinding parts !!) 8€

METRALLETA/KOBORY : split 10” (TOTAL Spanish GRINDING split !!! KILLER faaaaast and hatefull material !!!) 8€

MINENFELD : Night raid MLP (Spawning from the global death-surge, “Night Raid” by MINENFELD will definitely leave you a memento mori impression on one of the heaviest slabs of ancient death metal. Delivering death metal in its most skull crushing quality and mid-paced madness that once you have learned from BOLT THROWER, this German war master quartet sounds like a tank rumbling across the corpse landscape. Every time their deadly beats pounding, the guitar onslaught and the drums blazing — it encapsulates the atrocities of battle) 12€

MONDO PODRE : Necronomía de Subexistencia LP (fucking awesome relentless blaaaasting GRINDCORE from Spain! This is their debut full length and limited to only 200 copies!) 11€

***MORBIFIC : Pestilent Hordes 12″ (For the first time on vinyl their absolutely awesome demo from 2020 as a Single sided 12″! B  side with beautiful silkscreen art by Rafał Kruszyk !)  13€

MUGRIND : spoko evillution porko dio LP (grind-crust stuff with metal style touch and punk life style brutal feeling sometimes they remind on NAUSEA from LA !! those depressing slower parts !! great stuff !!) 8€

NEEDFULL THINGS : tentacles of influence LP (second album of these Czech maniacs NEEDFUL THINGS called "Tentacles of Influence" finally available at vinyl! 600 copies on GREY vinyl!) 9€

NOCTURNAL HELL : Insurrection LP (8 tracks of black-thrash-punk with disgusting production, not modern technologies here. If

you are into the old gods of ugly, distorted and raw metal (Venom, first Bathory, Slaughter and some Dark Throne´s FOAD era) this will destroy you! Limited to 300 copies!) 10€

***NO SANCTUARY : Metafísica popular portátil LP (the second full lenght from NO SANCTUARY is now out. New songs in their own way, very influenced by Rudimentary Peny, Killling Joke, even Psychic TV. 500 copies on black vinyl!)  12€

OFFENCE : You'll Never Rest In Peace LP (OFFENCE is a Polish death metal band from Bytom, formed in 2011 with their 3rd and latest full length for fans of ENTOMBED and the likes… nice GATEFOLD release!!) 12€

PATARENI : Infuzija iluzija LP (This LP features multiple live recordings from 1990. 1. Live in New Pingvinovo 22.6.1990 at Akademija. The entire show is included on this lp with many unreleased tracks. 2.Live in Berlin 21.4.1990 at Ecstasy 3. Tracks from 2 live shows in Zagreb 1990 and as a bonus , some live noise from 1986!! Absolutely brilliant ,brutal, and still somehow catchy, they were always ahead of their time!!)  15€

PHANTASMAGORE : Insurrection or submission MLP (Gore, viscera, torture of sorts heretofore untold of. These are just a chip out of the pillars that have always made death metal such an undeniable beast since its earliest days, and it's only as you shovel deeper into the underground that you find bands that adhere to these ideals as if they lived by them. Leagues beneath the earth amongst the maggot-ridden corpses of heathens long dead lies the entity of PHANTASMAGORE whose horrific craft has made the act rise to the surface in supreme terror alongside a hunger for flesh that simply cannot be sated. A sound that can only be likened to a dull, jagged ax, the very whole "Insurrection or Submission" is not meant for enjoyment, but, rather, extraction. Be it information, raw suffering, or testing the very limits of the human spirit, PHANTASMAGORE's extraction process is as surgical as it is terrifying)  15€

PHARMACIST : Flourishing Extremities On Unspoiled Mental Grounds LP (FINALLY available on vinyl their latest opus of PATHOLOGICAL GOREGRIND from Japan! Black vinyl packed in a nice gatefold sleeve! MUST HAVE!!) 13€

PHARMACIST : Carnal Pollution 10″ (New mini album of Japan pathological GORE gods on 10″LP!!! 20 minutes of pure old school pathology!!!) 12€

PIGSTY : the return LP (LP version of cult grind core album!! LIMITED 300 PIECES!!!! GATEFOLD SLEEVE !!) 10€

PROGRESS OF INHUMANITY/HEAD CLEANER : split LP (both bands are from Greece and play GRINDCORE alike later NAPALM DEATH !!) 8€

PROSCRITO : Llagas y estigmas LP (PROSCRITO´s debut full length “Llagas y estigmas” LP. After their acclaimed “El calvario” mini lp on german label Iron Bonehead, this is their new masterpiece of putrid, rancid down tempo death metal. This is more than your traditional doom death, this music is infected by the ones of Winter, Autopsy, Cianide, Hellhammer and even Corrupted. Thunderous bass sound, JCM Marshall for guitar, demolishing drums and cavernous voice for one of the best albums released in this filthy country!!) 12€

PSYCHONEUROSIS/HERIDA PROFUNDA/SUFFERING QUOTA : In Fear We Trust 3 way s/s LP with etched flip side (two bands from Poland = PSYCHONEUROSIS and HERIDA PROFUNDA and one from Netherlands = SUFFERING QUOTA deliver you traditional socio-political GRINDCORE recommended for fans of ROTTEN SOUND, NASUM and so on!) 9€

PULMONARY FIBROSIS : Severe Pulmonic Valve Regurgitation s/sided 12” (Aaaarrrggghhh… MELTAAARGH!!!! records proudly presents 9 new pathological traxxx from French CULT goremasters PULMONARY FIBROSIS!! Goodluck with surviving their pulverizing 14 minutes of ultra frenzy… ultra sick & relentless lung blaaasting madness!! Front art done by DE PLASMA INDUSTRIES !! Limited & # to 200 copies including a glossy A2 poster + stickers available in each 100 RED and 100 BLACK colored copies!) 10€

PURULENT REMAINS : worm-eaten corpse LP (First two demos plus a unreleased bonus track! disgustingly slow GOREGRIND that will make you wanna rot! For the first time on waxxxx brought you by BRINGER OF GORE records!! Limited colored vinyl available + including ofcorpse a poster/stickers/inlay!! BLACK vinyl = 10€ and the colored editions are 12€ each! package deal = all 3 basic versions as a PACKAGE deal for 28€)

PUTRESCENCE : voiding upon the pulverized LP (The final disguisting slab from Canada's Gore Grind maniacs PUTRESCENCE! A fitting display of filth that embodies the seminal Death Grind band of over 13 years. Release comes on the heals of the band's performance at Maryland Death Fest!!!) 10€

RAGEOUS INTENT/ONANIZER : split LP (Yeah!!! TOTAL GRINDCORE split between Spain & Czech Rep. with a little input from Belgium!! Fucking great split LP you NEED!!!) 12€

RAW NOISE APES/SxOxTxE : split 10” (back in stock!! Killer split between 2 AWESOME bands from GREECE & HUNGARY!! Total GRINDCORE devastation you simply need !! CLASSIC!!) 9€

RECTAL SMEGMA : Because We Care LP (More sick GOREGRIND madness from Holland! This is the vinyl version from the 2011 cd release! A MUST!!!) 13€

***REDEMPTOR : Agonia LP (REDEMPTOR from Krakow, Poland is back with new full length after 4 years. The successor of well-received "Arthaneum" album brings forth 9 songs of technical, heavy and atmospheric death metal heavily influenced by GORGUTS, MORBID ANGEL, IMMOLATION, DEATH)  12€

REPROACH/TOXIC SHOCK : split 10” (Thrash influenced hardcore punk vs. modern thrash metal/hardcore crossover all from Belgium & limited to 300 copies!!) 10€

REPULSIONE : sunrip LP (Italian POWERVIOLENCE maniacs created a BLAAAASTING 12” here!! Ughhh… FAAAST stuff !!) 8€

REPULSIONE : desecrating LP (New LP from 2017 from these Italian Maniacs!! And AWESOME in any way!! KILLER GATEFOLD sleeve with amazing artwork from Luis Séndon !! 14 new crussssshing traxxxx including a COMRADES cover!!) 10€

REVOLT : gate of holocaust LP (killer old-school DOOM/CRUST/DEATH from Japan !!! released by AWESOME MOSH POWER records !!!) 12€

***SANITY CONTROL : War On Life  LP (SANITY CONTROL is a crossover/ thrashmetal band formed in Warsaw, Poland. Their lyrics cover various different social issues and they cross with the band’s hardcore/ punk attitude. For Fans of: BROKEN BONES, CRUMBSUCKERS, MOD and D.R.I.)  12€

SEDEM MINUT STRACHU/DE BLENDERS : split 10” (Besides the bands this is a TOTALLY different release then the split TAPE released on BOG some years ago!! All new ART and NOISE!! Co-release by 7 different labels incl. BOG !!) 8€

SEEP : Hymns to the Gore LP (The 2022 debut album by one man death metal band SEEP!! A grotesque mix of all things great about death metal, goregrind and death doom – NOT for wimps!)  13€

***SEPSISM : Purulent Decomposition LP (Reissue of SEPSISM'S landmark album, 'Purulent Decomposition'; known for its raw, brutal, bone-crushing sound, this album is a true tour-de-force of the death metal genre. The album, originally released in 1999, is a key piece of the California death metal's history and a must-have for any underground metal enthusiast)  15€

SETE STAR SEPT/7MON : split LP (perhaps call it 1 GIGANTIC NOISE ORGASM?… PURE DESTRUCTION?...actually both are true! Ofcourse you know what to expect… it’s not a 7” so it ain’t over before you started absorbing all the chaos!! NO… it’s a 33rpm LP and both sides are crushing!! Available in 3 different colors: BLACK ; GREY MARBLED & FLUO PINK waxx ! 8€ each or get all 3 in a package deal for 20€ + postage !! NOISE !!!!) 8€

SIX-SCORE : lebensraume LP (second full-length from this GRINDCORE band from Austria for fans of NASUM !!) 8€

SIX-SCORE ‎: It Could Be Worse LP (3rd and latest full length from this Grindcore band from Austria !!) 10€

STOMA : Scat Aficionados LP (Very few copies back in from this ultra sick vinyl repress!!) 13€

SULFURIC CAUTERY : Chainsaws Clogged With The Underdeveloped Brain Matter Of Xenophobes LP (A pure hypergoregrind massacre from start to finish. taking inspiration from the fastest of goregrind, noisecore, and grindcore, sulfuric strive to push the limits of speed, brutality and disgust as far as humanly possible. listen at maximum volume and let the three sets of vomitous vocals, punishing riffs, and excessive ping blasting absolutely defile the concepts of compromise and dynamics! This is the MARBLED re-press version!)  15€

TERLARANG/GODSTOMPER : split LP (GODSTOMPER Bay Area Grind Legends!!! newest stuff in a long time ..on their 33 rpm side. TERLARANG Malaysian fastpunk rip out what they do best on their 45rpm side. This is on colored wax ....) 8€

TERRORAZOR : Abysmal Hymns Of Disgust LP  (After releasing dozens of demos and splits Germany's TERRORAZOR return with the debut full length. “Abysmal Hymns Of Disgust” brings forth 19 songs of ripping old school grindcore with some death and thrash metal influences. The band is led by Avenger (NOCTURNAL, EXORCISM, FRONT BEAST, THE FOG…) on guitars/bass, Cryptkeeper (WITCHBURNER) on vocals and Skullsplitter (NOCTURNAL) on drums. The album was mixed and mastered by Joel Grind (TOXIC HOLOCAUST) and artwork handled by Putrid (AUTOPSY, CIANIDE, COFFINS, GRAVEYARD, HOODED MENACE, IMPETIGO). This is a must have for fans of REPULSION, TERRORIZER, DEAD INFECTION, old NAPALM DEATH, BLOOD, IMPETIGO, and SLAUGHTER (Can)  10€

TERROR FIRMER : The Ultimate Nuclear Core Explosion!  LP (Italy old school GRINDCORE since 2008. first full album!  14 furious & brutal tracks + covers of UNHOLY GRAVE and ROT! Limited to 300 copies!)  12€

THE MILD : coffin tree LP (Coming out more than 2 years since their debut EP “Left To Starve”, “Coffin Tree” was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Mal DeTesta Recording Studio in Padua, Italy. The offering smashes the hurdles between crusty, d-beat punk, powerviolence and grindcore infused hardcore and good old thrashy metal) 10€

TOLERANCE : last days of capitalism LP (AAARRRRGGGHHHH… B.O.G. proudly presents the debut full length from Finnish TOLERANCE!! In 2016 the already ‘CULT’ debut DEMO “what’s your tolerance?” was recorded and it really blew me away!!! So after the s/s 7” vinyl debut on MELTAAARGH!!!! records now here the full length on BRINGER OF GORE!!! Check it out!!! It won’t disappoint at all!! Colored vinyl = 9€ and standard BLACK vinyl = 8€ or get ALL as a package deal for just 20€!!)

TORSO FREAK ‎: Post Mortem MLP (A disgusting collaboration that has been brewing in the septic tank for quite a few years now. The death dealing forces of Zack Massacre (NEKROFILTH) & underground acclaimed artist Putrid (performing lead vocals on this recording) deliver a most foul MLP unto your waxy ears! Five tracks of grinding death for fans of MORTICIAN, IMPETIGO. Front cover art by Putrid!)  15€

TRAUMA : Ominous Black LP (Anxiously anticipated 8th full length of this long running death metal band from Poland. Recorded at the band's very own Traumatic Sound Studio in Elblag, Poland. Mixed and mastered in world famous Hertz Studio (BEHEMOTH, VADER, DECAPITATED, HATE, HOUR OF PENANCE, BEHEADED...). Cover art by renowned Polish artist Mariusz Lewandowski (ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, BELL WITCH, PSYCROPTIC, SHRINE OF THE SERPENT). TRAUMA is one of Poland's oldest and most experienced death metal bands! This is the second press. Black 12"LP in gatefold packaging. Limited to 200 copies!) 11€

TRAVØLTA : In Tinnitus We Crust LP (First full lenght from TRAVOLTA. On this record the songs have a more ‘metal’ feel to it. Grinding political powerviolence! 500 pressed Gold vinyl with poster and printed inner sleeve!) 9€

TRAVØLTA/MARX BROS : split LP (Marx Bros are Lärm/Seein’ Red members + Chris Dodge, they play punky fastcore not unlike Seein’ Red but a bit faster. TRAVØLTA is a Belgian band that plays Powerviolence with hints of grind and d-beat!) 9€

***TROLLCAVE : Rotted Remnants Dripping Into The Void LP (Four songs plus intro and outro in a total of 36 minutes of funeral doomy DEATH METAL in the best tradition of things like diSEMBOWELMENT, DUSK, EVOKEN, RIPPIKOULU or INCANTATION. Massive drums with the perfect mix of grinding drums with agonic rhythm guitars, not apt for the weak... Add to this some of the best cavernous productions and you get the point on "Rotted Remnants Dripping Into The Void" limited to 250 copies!!)  12€

UGFC : Stalinist God LP (UGFC or UNCLE GRASHA'S FLYING CIRCUS their new 12” wanders around many extreme genres, but dark ambient, death-industrial and harsh noise can be regarded as its base. Because of its harshness/primitiveness of raw industrial aesthetics this will be surely something delicious for you NOISE loving maniacs!! Both versions in stock!!) 10€

UNHOLY GRAVE/SETE STAR SEPT : split LP (UNHOLY GRAVE have here a live set recorded at 924 Gilman in 2002 including 14 traxxxx of great LIVE GRIND RAWNESS!! SSS deliver 17 tracks of their well-known GRINDNOISE BLAAAASTING madness recorded on July 12, 2016!! Available in 3 different colors GOLD = 8€ CLEAR VIOLET = 8€ BLACK = 7€ or all together as a package deal for 20€ !!)

UNRESTED : dosis de realidad LP (old school GRINDCORE inferno with people from DENAK, DISTURBANCE PROJECT, CONVULSIONS, RAGEOUS INTENT and TU CARNE. 22 brutal & raging tracks) 12€

VAGINAL KEBAB/HUMAN SCRAP/SCROTOVARIOS/MUTILATED JUDGE : 4 way split LP (aaaarrrrggghhh… fucking nice sick 4 way split 12” !! noisy and gore soaked stuff from all 4 bands!! Act fast because I have only few copies in stock!!) 10€

VARIOUS : tribute to WARSORE 10” (39 bands around the globe 39 bands pay homage to WARSORE with a song. The 10" contains a 16 sided booklet plus Poster. The compilation is limited to 500 copies!!) 9€

VARIOUS : grindonesia LP (24 bands with each 2 traxxxx of Indonesian GRIND/CRUST/NOISE limited to 500 copies on RED TRANSPARENT copies + including a booklet and A3 poster!! AWESOME release !!!!!) 12€

VENTILATOR : Total verhaltens gestörter LP (Another noise-grind gems from the 90s. VENTILATOR back then some tapes, tracks on compilation tapes, a full length 7” and a spit 7” with DSFA. In 1991 and 1993 the band recorded two studio sessions that remains unreleased until DMCED offered a full LP to the band. Those 2 studio sessions are included on this LP. 44 songs of finest NOISECORE/GRIND for fans of Fear Of God, Anal Cunt, Anal Massaker, Cannibalistic Dissection and the likes. Totally 90s noise-chaos-grind. If you lived that time, this is a must to have record!!) 12€

VISIONS OF WAR/ARROGÄNT : split LP (VISIONS OF WAR recorded and pre-mixed by Tom Spötter @ Studio Out-Of-Space, Göttingen, Germany on 26-27/04/2019 and 10/08/2019. Mixed and mastered by Mattias Persson @ Sceleris Audio Production late 2019-2020. ARROGÄNT recorded by Jasper and mixed & mastered by Owen at Halenoise Headquarters, 2019! Second Pressing of 500 copies on white vinyl!) 10€

VOMI NOIR : Les Myasmes De La Deliquescence LP (YESSS… and here it is my sick bastards!!! The GOREGRIND debut album of 2019 and beyond… haha… oh well, to me it is! But hey, you may easily switch with the new BLUE HOLOCAUST LP if you prefer, recorded with the same line-up. Both came out around the same time and really are TOP in artwork and recordings!! The VOMI NOIR debut full length is available in 3 different colors! NEON YELLOW TRANPARENT & BROWN OPAQUE both each 9€ and VOMI BLACK vinyl = 8€ or collect them all as a package deal + poster & 6 sticker set for 20€ + postage!!)

VOMI NOIR : L'Innommable Remugle & la Mélopée Cavernuleuse des Râles Agoniques GATEFOLD LP (Yeah…+3 years after the debut we proudly present here @ the BOG mortuary the follow up to ‘Myasmes…’ 20 brand new exxxcretions from France sickest including a CABAL cover, all perfectly executed to delight your ears with the finest death-rattling GRINDGORE violence around! Not only they deliver a total ear bleeding orgasm but as you could have expected art wise it’s also a GRUESOME result too!! COLORED vinyl = 12€ BLACK edition = 10€ or all 3 versions as a package deal = 28€ + postage)

WARFUCK ‎: This Was Supposed To Be Fun LP (This mammoth record, including 15 songs in 23 min, features their strongest songwriting to date – while also delivering their most bone crushing breakdowns yet and terrifying, break neck speed. Prepare for grinding ear rape…) 10€

W.B.I. : Storm from the Baltic sea 1987-1991"LP+CD (One of the oldest and most destructive Noise/Grind units from the infamous German scene that spawned cacophonic horrors like TUMOR, ANAL MASSAKER, B.G.T., VENTILATOR, B.R.B. and countless more!! An exaustive collection of early W.B.I. works prior to their "Arschbombe Des Monats!" 12". LP including:- "Stichpimpulibockforzelorum" 7" EP (1990) - Split 7" with NECROPHILIACS (1991) - "Arabischer Sackmantel" Demo (1990) Bonus CD with the same contents as the LP + the rare "Bart 1: Anti-Russen-Geholze" Demo 1987 (180 songs!!) one of the earliest recordings in the history Teutonic Noisecore + 3 unreleased sessions! Fanzine styled booklet with liner notes, flyers and artworks of the original tapes/7"s and extra poster! Complete aural annihilation, hundreds of tracks blasting at heart-attack speed under an unstoppable onslaught of asthmatic screams and cavernous growls, for fans of the golden era of Noisecore (early AxCx, Sore Throat, Buka, 7MON)!!  15€

WEICHE : weiche LP (This is the German WEICHE their debut LP ! 35 min. of dark brutal bulldozer sounds… negativity to the max!! with some industrial influences… ) 8€

WOJCZECH/KRUPSKAYA : split LP (German grind unit Wojczech release three pulverizing and varied tracks for this ambitious split with UK band Krupskaya. They add more flavour to the proceedings and remain unpredictable for the most part without compromising on the sonic impact. Sounding like a contemporary blend of early Brutal Truth, Nasum, Dephosphorus and even Pig Destroyer, they've covering many sub-styles and it all falls in place beautifully. Here's grindcore that's not monotonous but just as exciting. Krupskaya from UK tear the place down after a pensive build-up, and they're astonishingly fast. Reminiscent of Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Exit-13 and Yacopsae, their music will give you a head rush. Interspersed by atmospheric passages, their wild blasting feels even more intense and is bound to leave you scampering for cover. Crazed-up, hyperspeed grindcore is the order of the day and Krupskaya are one of the finest bands at present at that) 8€

WOLVEN : Generate Mass Violence LP (Grinding D-beat/Crustcore project from Belgium feat. Filip Dupont doing everything! Limited to 300 copies!) 10€

X-TORSION : do it yourhell LP (Band born in Barcelona in 2014, they are ex-members of “Apocalyptic Terror”, ”The Capaces”, ”Cs-137", ”E 150”, ”Holocaust In Your Head”, ”h-zero”, ”Net Weight”, etc.. playing an ultrafast blast-beating hardcore with some GRINDCORE parts !! This is the ‘special’ edition including the "Odio a mi Patria"-Flexi EP !!) 12€